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Multimodal Freight (MMF) operates a fleets of 200 prime movers and 1000 trailers of both 20’ and 40’ configurations, 20 units of side loaders, 6 tipper and 5 reefer. Fleet is deployed at all major seaport and the inland ports. Fleet deployment is dynamic based on market demand.
Current Fleet Distribution : 

Port Klang : Prime Mover - 100 | Trailer - 515 | Side Loader/Tipper/Reefer
Pasir Gudang : Prime Mover - 60 | Trailer - 300 | Side Loader/Tipper 
Butterworth : Prime Mover - 35 | Trailer - 175 
Padang Besar : Prime Mover - 5 | Trailer - 10


Halal Logistics Certified!

Multimodal Freight Sdn Bhd has been awarded MS 2400-1:2020 by JAKIM on 2017 thus enable us to haul foods product without any worry on the halal status of the equipment. A group of staff has been selected to become the committee for this Halal Logistic project to ensure the company comply with the certifications requirement. Port Klang branch has been the pilot branch for this Halal Logistic project and the procedure has been implemented throughout the whole company.

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